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When you died… that was kind of my fault. A lot. Entirely my fault actually. And I feel… so… just… YOU GOT BETTER.

Last time I saw you… you were going to give me a chance… One I probably don’t deserve but… I can’t even think straight I’m just so happy you’re back

I-it was you fault? How was it your fault? Aw, come on, don’t make that face, you’re… You shouldn’t blame yourself, maybe there’s nothing you could have done. Accidents happen, right? I mean…

Er, what do you mean by a chance, exactly? A chance at what?

Jess, t-there’s something you should know. 

I’m not really Brady. I’m a demon. I’ve been possessing Brady for years now, and it was my job to make sure Sam stayed on the path Azazel wanted for him and that included… I had to… I killed you, Jess. I pinned you to the ceiling and set you on fire. I murdered you.

But then you, being all saint-like and… angelic, I guess you decided that maybe you could kind of forgive me, and we were gonna go out to dinner…

You’re… what?! I’m sorry, what? You’re not Brady… but then… where is he? How many years? I…

You’re saying I was going to go out with my murderer? I feel like there’s something I’m missing here…

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    Okay… take your time, I know this is a lot to handle.
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    I think I need to… I mean, I think I should go. I need time to process all of this. Some of this is starting to come...